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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tadeo Jones the Adventurer: Enrique Gato

It's a bit off kilter for the Ancient Digger, but this animated short film featuring Tadeo Jones by Enrique Gato was way to funny to pass up. It adds a bit of humor to a serious and complicated subject.

Armed in his best Indiana Jones attire, a trusty journal, and a lantern, Tadeo embarks through some underground tunnels to an ancient room. The most interesting and delightful parts of the movie are the modern inventions oddly incorporated at every turn.

Can you figure out how it will end?


Rick (Ratty) said...

That looks like fun. I want top find an amusement park like that. I'd go again and again. Or I could just act it all out with squirrels. :)

RS Wing said...

The video is hilarious. Especially the bar scenario while crossing the bridge to enter the subway/monorail. Ending...history just repeating itself? Or, another tour within the theme park? Very enjoyable video.

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