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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Results of the Post: Who was the Greatest Contributor to the Scientific Revolution?

In a surprising landslide, Galileo has won the most votes for the greatest contributor to the Scientific Revolution.

Galileo 10 votes
Newton 6 votes
Copernicus 4 votes
Kepler 0 votes
William Harvey 2 votes
Descartes 2 votes
Vesalius 1 votes

I chose Galileo is a previous posting and here's a small snippet from that particular post.

His results were derived from a meticulous mathematical process of testing, and to be completely honest, all experiments scientific, anthropological, political, environmental, etc, go through stringent mathematical models to arrive at several theories. So to call him a conservative would be blatant excuse for an insult. He was an innovator and didn’t hide behind the views of the church, which makes me respect him even more.

Now I want to know why you chose a particular person. Please post your responses here. If you so choose, you can email me the response, however I'd really like if you added your opinions on the blog.

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Carl said...

Well..I am the lone person who chose Vesulius. I chose him because of his progressive thinking almost "daring" in his quest for truth. His anatomical drawings and research are that of a master for his time.I voted for him not to diminish the others but because I admire his work and lasting controbution to the field of anatomy.

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