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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The War of the Magicians: The Story of Abbé Boullan

This is part one of the chilling tale by Patrick Bernauw of one 19th century French Satanic Priest Abbé Boullan, who was quoted as saying his purpose was "to offer to God a satisfaction or reparation – by special prayers and the physical or moral sufferings Christians accepted and even sought – in order to restore the balance that was distorted by the offenses against the divine majesty, committed by sinners who were not repentant”.

After brilliant studies at the seminar of Montauban, Joseph-Antoine Boullan (°1824) was ordained priest in 1848 and appointed to the parish of Saint John in Montauban. Two years later he went to Rome where he obtained his doctorate in theology. He joined the Missionairies of the Precious Blood and took part in several missions to Italy, before settling down as superior of the congregation in Trois-Epis, near Turckheim in Alsace. He published a translation of the Divine Life of the Blessed Virgin of the famous visionary Catherine Emmerich and he came in 1854 to Paris where he collaborated on several religious journals. Read more about the Priest Abbé Boullan @Socyberty
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