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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Mysterious Ice Ship That Was Never Built

During the 20th century, steel and aluminum were at a minimum, so Geoffrey Pyke thought of an innovative, and yet somewhat bizarre material for constructing aircrafts for the war. NickFord brings us the story of this revolutionary man that had a vision, although it may have never materialized.

During the Second World War the hard pressed British authorities were willing to consider a wide range of eccentric schemes that might give them the edge in battle. One of these ideas was for an enormous aircraft carrier made of ice. The idea came from an English eccentric with the name Geoffrey Pyke. By the 1930s Pyke  already had a colorful career.

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jenicoe2001 said...

hi and Merry Christmas! this is jenicoe2001 from eHow! (the green jealous one! lol) your blog is awesome, not just saying that! I am such a History channel addict, Natgeo, Discovery, etc... happy digging! :) Jenni

jenicoe2001 said...

Oh hey! jenicoe2001 from eHow again!! I added myself to your blog, can you add yourself to mine?

Cruiselife & Co said...

I have added myself Jenicoe2001

Rhett said...

Thanks for the link to this article, a ship made out of ice. I wounder how that would have affected the ice caps melting in our day if they had made several ships in the past. Those ships were big! I can see why they could not have done it, because if they had the ability to build them they might as well have hooked them together and made a bridge from the Americas to Europe.

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