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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dr. Hawass shows the restorations at the Jewish Synagogue of Moses Ben Maimon

Dr Zahi Hawass takes us on a tour of the restorations taking place at the Jewish Synagogue of Moses Ben Maimon.


Vietnam War History said...

I sense a connection with the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme.

Cruiselife & Co said...

I know, right? I have been speaking with some historians about some of the sacred Jewish places around the globe and this one happened to come up. I found the video, and the rest was history.

Sean Williams said...

Some people have criticised it as a PR stunt before Farouq Hosni's (ultimately unsuccessful) UNESCO Director-General bid, but it's got to be a good thing if Jewish heritage in Egypt is being restored, right?

Cruiselife & Co said...

I agree with you Sean and I can definetely see where the PR comes in. Although, I think it's happened before with this Director if I recall correctly.

Given my heritage, I appreciate the fact that restoration is taking place, so some good is coming out of the PR I think.

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