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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wandjina Petroglyphs Representing Aliens 5000 years ago

It's always been a mystery, although many do speculate, that aliens walk among us. Some have left their mark by using crop circles to communicate a message to us and others have had direct contact with other civilizations.

The Wandjina Petroglyphs are a perfect example of this. It's odd really. Today we tend to describe these extra terrestials in the way of small heads, a flat mouth, and no nose. However, according to Aboriginal mythology, if these creatures were seen with no mouths, the rain would never end.

Wandjinas are believed to have made the sea, the earth and all its inhabitants.The existing rock art found, has depicted them as having huge upper bodies and large heads. Their faces show eyes and nose, but typically lack mouths. Around the heads of Wandjinas there appears to be lightning and feathers. The Wandjina is thought to have special powers and if offended, can cause flooding and
intense lightning. The paintings are still believed to have special powers and
therefore are to be approached cautiously.

Wanjina Rock Art


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Bob Johnson said...

I for one have always believed we have been visited by aliens as crazy as that sounds, very interesting article again, love the rock art.

Anonymous said...

We recently discovered you through our friend Sharon's blog, Chicago History Journal.

The Wandjina rock art was so intriguing and beautiful, that we included a link to your post in our weekly round-up of interesting reads, Friday Snippets.

Ancient Digger is a great site, even for design oriented geeks like us!

Anonymous said...

What many have been conditioned to think of as "Aliens" are in fact either fallen angels spoken of in Genesis 6, or their satanic-offspring the Nephilim. Either way the secular is VERY limited in his reasoning for this, considering secularists don't have truth in them, and really are not anywhere near as smart as Christians. You either start from the Bible, the word of God, or please Shut your mouth. ;)

Anonymous said...

These peoples did not have to be "conditioned", much like that done by religion, they crafted images of what they saw. Something so fantastic they wasted time not hunting, gathering and surviving, but making these Petroglyphs so future generations would know. If they saw Angels, the literal translations from the Bible of Angles, they would of course look vastly more similar to that depiction, they don't. Sorry to burst your highly religious bubble, but this "art" was caste many thousands of years before religion was "thought up" as a governance.

Cruiselife & Co said...

To the last commentator,

I agree with you completely. There is already so much geological evidence that the world is much older than Christians think it is. There assumptions are based on something they read, which was never tested. It is really sad in this day and age that people are not more aware of scientific truths. Faith is fine, but science is tested.

Anonymous said...

The Wandjina were aliens, no doubt. If one searches for wandjina in Google Images, one can find an image where the wandjina is wearing a long orange costume and helmet. Now the interesting thing about this image is that there is some strange writing on the helmet. Now this writing resembles the alien writing depicted in movies like ' Predator ' and other alien movies. I'm sure the makers of these movies did some research and came to the conclusion that alien writing would have closely resembled what they depicted in these movies. The wandjina with the orange costume was painted on the wall of the cave thousands of years ago, so there is little chance that someone painted these alien writing on its helmet after watching these alien movies. I have been studying Aboriginal culture for a while now, and if there is anything that the Aboriginals can do very well, it is to depict almost exactly what they have seen in their art form. I am convinced that the wandjina were none other than aliens.

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