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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fascinating Castles and Palaces From Around the World

The Classic Fairytale’s Castle: Neuschwanstien Castle is located in the Bavarian Alps of Germany and is the most famous of three Royal Palaces built for Louie II of Barvaria who was sometimes referred to as Mad King Ludwig. It was started in 1869 and wasn’t finished when Louie died in 1886. This castle is certainly one of romance in the 19th century and could set your imagination stirring at a glance especially where it is set with towers and spires. It is set on a high point of the Pullat River gorge, just the place for a knight in shining armor to come riding on a white horse to rescue the damsel in distress. Believe it or not this castle had running water on all floors back then, toilets that flushed and a warm air heating system for every floor. by Betty Carew


Vietnam War History said...

The way that life works is so interesting - my initial reaction is to envy whoever this was built for, but then I remember that he was known as the "mad king" and that he died before they were ever completed!

Bob Johnson said...

Sucks to be him, amazing castles, I would like to tour an old one someday.

Rick (Ratty) said...

This might feel like heaven to live in a place like this. I would be happy just to be able to freely explore the place a few times. It makes me fantasize just looking at it.

willoaks studio said...

Picture perfect!! I had no idea about the heat and running water, though, as I had the idea that old castles had been mostly cold, drafty places...with sort of like outhouses that just dropped straight below the walls?? I've spent time clamoring around in the ruins of some castles...not in too many working ones.

Cruiselife & Co said...
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Cruiselife & Co said...

@Historic Travels You are right. It does have an interesting connection to Wagner as well. Legend has it the King was in love with him. I believe.

@Bob Amazing right, over the top.

@Ratty A real Cinderella story. This castle almost bankrupted the city though.

@Will Oaks The Made Kins spared no expense building this place

Rhett said...

This is my favorite castle. I have a castle book and this castle is on the cover. I always see it in the snow so I hope the owners like to ski. That is probably why they had heat, they had to because of the cold. Great photos.
Rhett Out

Cruiselife & Co said...

It's one of my favorites as well Rhett. It looks like a fairytale.

Carl said...

I love it.Amazing! This is the first visit to your site . Well Done! I look forward to reading you in the future.

Cruiselife & Co said...

Welcome to the Digger. I hope you find some more articles of interest.

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