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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 Events That Helped Shape the Ancient World

The evolution of man. A painted pictograph on a cave wall. A shift in civilizations. All of these events have helped shape the ancient world. Dating back millions of years, these events have been recognized as turn of the century findings, where modern societies, art, and technology have thrived.

The First Instruments




Isturitz Cave


The origination of music, as well as the instrument used, depended solely on the location or the region. The first instrument of voice was used to experiment in the way of melody. Naturally crafted instruments followed including flutes made out of sticks, shells, and tied up rocks for percussion.

Close to 37,000 years ago, the use of whistles, rasps, and flutes made of bone were in high circulation. In fact, there were close to 20 bone flutes found in Isturitz, a cave in the French Pyrenees, alluding to the evolution of the first concert hall. Read the complete list of events that helped shape the ancient world

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Hey Dr. Lauren--I like this blog! I have a secret passion for all things anthropologic and archealogic...if those are proper words?? And thanks for dropping by WillOaks Studio!

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