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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grand Historia Photography: Six Powerful and Emotional Acts of Disaster and Death

I remember a time back in elementary school when some of the astronauts from Challenger came to my school before the initial flight. As a child, it was easy to see these figures as inspirational and a symbol of what our country stood for.

It remains a mystery to me how the bravery of some of the most amazing individuals can affect an entire countries sense of honor.

However, when nature takes full control, the most unexpected events occur. Things that are unexpected that rock you to your core and make you question everything you ever believed as good and honorable.

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I was in fifth grade at the time Challenger fell out of the sky and as a child, it was easy to express emotion after we had met a few of the astronauts not long before it happened. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced a tragedy and the tears were overcoming. At 33 years of age, I can still picture what I was doing and where I was. I think many people can relate.

September 11th: Faces in the Smoke

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This was such a shock to the entire world that when I first heard of the news I didn't believe it. It was as though someone was playing a prank or it was a taped happening like "War of the Worlds" in 1938, which drew people to insanity thinking the world was ending and aliens would be taking over.

I took time to reflect since I had lost a dear friend I went to school with who was working in the tower. Til this day, it still seems like a bad dream or a major motion picture filled with excellent special affects.


To this day no one really knows why we were there.

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The US initially entered the war to prevent communism in South Vietnam, so they say. In the 1960's drones of us soldiers deployed to a country that was a walking land mine and hundreds upon thousands died for a reason unknown to the world.

From a perspective of a US soldier, this was his interpretation" Let them be and let them destroy themselves. Who are we to stop them!". This was of course the view of Vietnam in the 60's, especially for any counter culture youth at the time.


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Over 6 million human beings were murdered in cold blood by a country that still to this day turns their heads in vain to a happening they still don't believe ever happened. The truth is in the pictures and in the stories told by people that lived through these gruesome happenings.


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With close to 1800 people that went into the freezing Arctic waters, the tales of Titanic are passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the captain ignored early warnings of icebergs and foggy weather with the high hopes of reaching America earlier than expected. One decision steered this boat into the deep abyss and the bottom of the ocean is now a murky grave for passengers.


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This major Airship disaster of the German Zepplin caught fire and crashed into the "dock of the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester, New Jersey in 1937". The cause of this disasterous event is still unknown and the remains of that day caused the use of airships to be a thing of the past.

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