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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

20 Fascinating Ancient Maps

For centuries, the mysterious nature of maps has led many to dive into history, looking for the golden treasure. However, a map is much more than it seems. In fact, there are original ancient maps that point changes in the environment, shifts in the coasts of countries, and show some bodies of water as non existent.

The Island of California


Creator: Joan Vinckeboons
Date: Around 1650
Why it’s cool: Believe it or not, explorers believed California was an island for a very long time and this map depicts that assumption. It would take over 50 years after the creation of this map before it was confirmed that California is indeed attached to the mainland of America.

View the Jumbo Sized Version at WDL.org

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually looked into this map, or does everyone just assume it's a myth?

Chad Agrawal said...

I think its probably a myth lol

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