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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bizarre and Ghostly Grounds of San Marco's, St. Augustine

St. Augustine is home to some of the most notorious ghost stories and ghost walks in the nation. So, it's only fitting that I would dive into the controversy and visit one of the most famous ghostly locations in the United States.

I remember taking a trip when I was 8 years old with my mom and sister to San Marcos . We examined the separate rooms, the barracks for the troops, and the secret dungeons buried deep within the fort.

Well, I had that pleasure once again today when I explored the grounds 23 years later. It was different this time, however. As my hands grazed across the coquina shells, I could only imagine the time it took to construct such a grand fortress, that had withstood the elements, and stands as solid as it did in the 1600's.

After the 1668 attack of Robert Searle (English pirate), Queen Regent of Spain, Mariana ordered a masonry fortification be erected in order to protect the city. October 1672, construction began on the Castillo de San Marcos. The Castillo de San Marco's was known from 1821 to 1942 as Fort Marion and Fort St. Mark from 1763 until 1784 while under British control.

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