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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trying Something New: Online Stocks and Trade

My father and I were having a very adult conversation about my future and he went into the subject of stock trading and working with an online broker. Now, don't get me wrong, my father has been doing this for years, online trading with many companies over the years.

For me, this is a bit unknown, so I searched the internet far and wide for reputable companies that would make the right choices for me based on my income and expectations. Several years ago I invested in a small company I worked for, but I never really followed the stocks, perhaps because I never really understood how it worked.

After watching several documentaries on Warren Buffett and seeing what can be accomplished by stock trading, I decided to give it a go. I don't want to divulge all my secrets, but I did find one site that has really made a difference for me. My father had used this company previously, but I still had so many questions up front and I was able to have all of them answered before I ever made any decisions. I only had a modest amount to invest, but with Firstrade, I was able to double my money.

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Bob Johnson said...

I have dabbled a little in the market, I used to sell life insurance so was up on a lot of various funds, have taken a few courses, have made some money but have slowed down, need more securities at my stage, your link looks very good btw.

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