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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swim Through Florida's Aquifers

Just this afternoon, I was watching a movie about the aquifers in Florida's spring system. As I watched some of the most accomplished cave divers in the world navigate their way through the underwater tunnels, I noticed how truly amazing it must have been for the divers to experience a place that was completely inaccessible to the common man.

The divers made an 11 mile swim through the caves as the survey team was walking overhead, tracing their direction. What was really amusing is that the survey crew actually went into a Sonny's restaurant with their sonar machine, along with a residential home to track the divers across the city.

The discoveries that the divers made was quite alarming. Over 100ft below the surface, they were picking up nitrates in the water caused by human neglect and dumping into sink holes. They passed up oil bins, tires, antifreeze containers, and all the while the individuals that dumped this garbage into the groundwater had no idea what kind of effect this had on our water reserves.

I am becoming increasingly concerned with the Earth's abilities to bite back when we are neglecting what has been provided for us. So I ask you this, please make sure you are conserving water. So, when you are considering throwing that garbage out the window just remember, it might end up in your bottled spring water.


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