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Monday, March 23, 2009

Fantastic Lava and Explosions

The explosive nature of these fascinating geological mountains provide us with a time line of earth's past, they create chains of living and breathing islands, and they cause deathly destruction to everything they touch.

The violence of a volcanic eruption is based upon many factors including the viscosity of the given magma-the more viscous, the more violent. Viscosity is a measure of a materials resistance to flow, and the thicker it is, the slower is will flow. This works the same way in our bodies when we are dehydrated. The main reason you feel faint during dehydration is that your blood is thicker and it contains less plasma, which ultimately means it lacks enough oxygen to keep you on two feet.  

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Thanks for advertising on my blog. Because of it, you've introduced me to your wonderful blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and loved being educated at the same time.

Thanks for sharing us your knowledge. This is a much better learning format for me than that of a classroom's.

I'm going to link to your blog so that I'll be able to visit often.


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