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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Archaeology News: April 10, 2013

Thracian exhibit at archaeological museum in Sofia

The archaeological museum in Bulgarian capital city Sofia is exhibiting several pieces of weaponry and armour attributed to Thracian king Seuthes III, discovered by archaeologist Georgi Kitov near Kazanluk in 2004.

China reports top 10 archaeological finds in 2012

Chinese authorities on Tuesday announced the top 10 archaeological discoveries made in 2012, with the earliest dating back to the Paleolithic era. Among the most significant discoveries was the ruins of a small city, the largest of its kind in neolithic China, discovered in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

8,000 artefacts and rising: City dig pronounced the 'most important ever' in London

When archaeologists were called to a site in the City of London where an ugly office block and a bar once stood, they were sceptical that it held any secrets. Yet six months into the dig on Bloomberg Place, a three-acre site close to Mansion House tube station, experts believed they have stumbled across the most important find of Roman London artefacts in recent memory and have dubbed it the “Pompeii of the north”.

4,000-year-old stone tools, earthenware unearthed from banks of river Narmada in Bhopal

Archaeologists have found 4,000-year-old stone tools and earthenware in a remote village on the banks of river Narmada in Harda district of Bhopal. The treasures that have emerged could change our whole understanding of how evolution of mankind began along the Narmada. These priceless relics belonging to Chalcolithic Age are probably the most important archaeological discovery ever made in the region.

Severe damage done to Nazca Lines

According to reports from the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, serious damage to elements of the outer boundary of the world famous Nazca lines has been caused by heavy machinery belonging to a quarry firm removing limestone from the area.

The damaged lines are located near the Panamericana Sur Highway and an adjacent area has also been affected. There are hundreds if not thousands of these lines and trapezoids on the Nazca plain with many of the most famous geogylphs such as the spider, hummingbird and monkey, etc. all undamaged.

New Research Holds Fascinating Revelations About an Ancient Society’s Water Conservation and Purification

University of Cincinnati research at the ancient Maya site of Medicinal Trail in northwestern Belize is revealing how populations in more remote areas – the hinterland societies – built reservoirs to conserve water and turned to nature to purify their water supply. Jeffrey Brewer, a doctoral student in the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Geography, will present his findings on April 11, at the Association of American Geographers’ annual meeting in Los Angeles.

Traces of Norman Castle Found

The remains of a building from Northampton’s Medieval castle have been found on the site of the town’s railway station. Archaeologists working on the site ahead of the development of a new station, have found three 12th Century walls from a stone building just feet underneath the station’s car park.

Archaeologist Tim Upson-Smith said: “We certainly weren’t expecting to find a stone building this well preserved and this close to the surface.”

Food Cans Exonerated in Franklin Expedition Deaths

A long-standing Arctic mystery has become even more baffling with research that appears to debunk a common theory about the demise of the Franklin expedition.

Chemists at the University of Western Ontario used an array of the latest analytic techniques to conclude that poorly made cans of food were not responsible for the lead that poisoned the officers and crew of the doomed 19th-century voyage to explore the Arctic.


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