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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Archaeology Stories: Week Ending December 30

Ancient Digger brings you the latest archaeology news. Here are the top stories on Ancient Digger for the week ending December 30, 2012.

Best Graduate Schools, Universities, and Colleges for Archaeology and Anthropology
I have compiled several lists in order to help you determine the top graduate colleges and universities with the best programs for anthropology and archaeology, as well as the top undergraduate colleges, universities and school programs for anthropology and archaeology.

Pompeii: Erotic Art and Roman Sexuality
Pompeii is an archaeological site, which was destroyed around AD 79 by Mount Vesuvius. It was a town full of aristocrats and artisans. Artisans who were previously slaves, who gained freedom in Pompeii and became wealthy merchants. Pompeii was a place for the super-rich! The Palm Beach of the Roman world. It was a place known for sexual indiscretions. One could choose his or her desires from a list of murals, pointing in the direction of their sexual perseverance. You would hang your belongings on a peg, a peg conveniently located near an erotic scene, a reminder of where you left your things. Then you would proceed with your indiscretions in secret rooms or bathhouses.

Mystery of the Pyramids Revealed in Coral Castle
 The architecture of the pyramids is a combination of revolutionary masonry work and a focus on the heavens, in which the structures face the sky in an attempt to possibly appease the gods.

Excavation of Roman Art's Center Complete
Archaeologists who have completed the excavation of a 900-seat arts centre under one of Rome's busiest roundabouts are calling it the most important Roman discovery in 80 years.The centre, built by the emperor Hadrian in AD123, offered three massive halls where Roman nobles flocked to hear poetry, speeches and philosophy tracts while reclining on terraced marble seating.

Sacred Vessels Discovered at Tel Motza
Rare evidence of the religious practices and rituals in the early days of the Kingdom of Judah has recently been discovered at Tel Motza, to the west of Jerusalem. In excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is currently conducting at the Tel Motza archaeological site, prior to work being carried out on the new Highway 1 from Sha'ar HaGai to Jerusalem by the National Roads Company (previously the Public Works Department), a ritual building (a temple) and a cache of sacred vessels some 2,750 years old have been uncovered.

Crowd Gathers at Stonehenge for Winter SolsticeMore than 5,000 people have gathered to mark the winter solstice at Stonehenge. The attendance was equivalent to five times the number that turned out at Salisbury Plain for last year's event.

The Best Schools For Nautical, Maritime, and Underwater Archaeology in the US
Typically nautical, maritime, and underwater archaeologists study artifacts in ocean or sea environments. However, specialization usually doesn't occur until graduate school after the student has received a BS in Anthropology.

US Archaeology and Anthropology Schools and their Disciplines
I created this comprehensive list of Archaeology and Anthropology Schools in the United States and their Disciplines to assist students looking into the fields of anthropology and archaeology. When I first started looking for schools I quickly figured out, it was overwhelming. I had to visit dozens of websites just to gather the information I needed, to determine whether the college or university had the archaeology discipline I was interested in.

Hospital Heals Old Artifacts
As Turkey’s capital, Ankara is already home to some of the country’s best hospitals. For those tasked with protecting Turkey’s heritage, however, one stands out from the others: the restoration and conservation atelier at the Ankara Museum of Foundational Works – an “old artifact hospital.”

Interview with the Founder of Dig-It Games and Creator of Mayan Mysteries 
I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Suzi Wilczynski, the founder of Dig-It Games. Suzi is a former archaeologist and teacher who has bridged the gap between entertainment and education. Her games were created for people who crave the challenge of a puzzle and who seek knowledge by solving the complexities of a mysterious ancient society through critical thinking.


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