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Friday, October 26, 2012

Breasts In Mesopotamia

It's not that type of article so stop those dirty minds from churning. It's breast cancer awareness month and AllMesopotamia has not only reminded us of that, but they compiled an excellent article on Mesopotamian sculptures which depict mother's nursing, mother goddesses, love, evil, and some other pieces of note.

As expected, Mesopotamians associated the female form with fertility. Many statues believed to be those depicting fertility have been unearthed throughout Mesopotamia. They usually feature mother goddesses with prominent breasts held up suggestively with folded arms underneath (see below), while some statues feature only one of the breasts being held up as if it were an offering.
A statue from Samarra, ca. 6000 BC, believed to be of a mother goddess, with exaggerated breasts being held up for prominence. (Source)

Read the Entire Article: Breasts in Mesopotamia


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