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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christian Archaeology Site Pops Up in Bulgaria

An ancient Christian burial site with preserved murals has been uncovered during excavation work for the electricity network of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv.

The archaeological find, provisionally dated 4th c. AD, is part of the southern necropolis of ancient Philippopolis and measures 1 by 2 metres.

Its two large walls are covered with a depiction of the Resurrection of Lazarus, painted in five colours.

The two short walls are covered with a number of Christian symbols, but the Lazarus murals are believed to be unique for Bulgaria, said archaeologist Maya Martinova.

The burial site has actually been uncovered in early May, but the process of study has lasted till now due to the complicated urban infrastructure it is entangled in.

The cemetery popped up during excavations by electricity utility EVN, and is also located close to modern-day natural gas and sewerage pipes in the center of Bulgaria's second-largest city.

For now, provisional plans would see the murals removed and exhibited in one of Plovdiv's museums.

Source: Novinite


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