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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ancient Digger Composer Mary Gunderson Introduces Mystic Score

A few years ago, Mary Gunderson composed a theme song for a little blog, which eventually became Ancient Digger. Her music transcends the boundaries of ancient lands and mysterious characters, entrenched in passion and love, fate and understanding.

Her inspiring compositions have once again turned into a musical triumph called Mystic Score.

This new CD is compilation of cultural songs which touch on the subjects of Bollywood, Arabian Nights, the mysteries of the Egyptians temples, Indigo Nights, Native American rituals, as well as some tribal melodies which transport you to the farthest reaches of the earth.

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite song, as most of Mary’s music always helps me draw inspiration when I’m lacking in that particular department.

This CD, I believe, represents what Ancient Digger is really about, and the many subjects and cultures we try to investigate and represent.

The song "In the Courts of Pharaoh" is a fascinating trip through the hieroglyphic carved walls of Pharaoh’s tomb, and Dances with Fire is a stirring and provocative song which tempts the very nature of what we believe is sacred. Siddha Bhakti, most certainly a favorite of mine, is simply a soothing and comforting invocation of the gods, the earth, and nature.

If you draw inspiration from music like I do, and you appreciate music that embodies global cultures, then you will love Mystic Score.

Mystic Score is available at Wise Awakenings for $12.00

You may also here a sampling of Mary’s music at Soundcloud.


maryslyrics said...

Thank you, Lauren, for the glowing and heartfelt review! I am both humbled and honored!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lauren. You described so eloquently how Mary's amazing music transports us through time. Thank you, Mary!

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