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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Evotourism: The New Traveler Obsession

If this isn't a controversial subject I have no idea what is. As if evolution isn't already a hot topic of debate, now travelers can actually experience it in firsthand through Smithsonian. Now, I have no issues with traveling to the outer reaches of the world and observing some of the most "evolved" creatures out there. There is a problem, however. I can go to my own backyard and watch many species that have evolved over centuries. So what's the angle of this new form of what my professors like to call "sexy tourism"? Well, it has a new name, that's a start.

One of my professors remarked that "So how is this new? Just new name and it is suddenly sexy tourism in our world of failing climate, deforestation and indigenous cultural destruction.Would you go because a place was evolutionarily significant?"~Anonymous

This is the basic gist of the program. Let me know what you think about this in the comments section.

Welcome to Evotourism™, Smithsonian’s new travel-information service that will help you find and fully enjoy the wonders of evolution. Whether it’s a city museum or suburban fossil trove, a historic scientific site overseas or a rare creature in your own backyard, we’ll direct you to places and discoveries that figure in the science of evolution or offer eye-opening evidence of the process of natural selection. Evotourism will present original articles by scientists and accomplished journalists offering expert background and practical advice. We’ll tell you where to go and when, and what to do when you get there. Videos and photographs will help make the findings clear. Our curated Evotourism forum will give scientists and other travelers an unprecedented meeting place for exchanging insights and tips.

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