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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Indiana Jones Gets Animated in Raiders of the Lost Ark

If you're an archaeologist then most likely you're a fan of Indiana Jones. Even if you're not an archaeologist, this animated short film by Jeff Gurwood will keep you glued to your computer screen, as Jones removes a handful of sand before he exchanges the sand bag for the gold idol. The photo below shows a stacked comparison of the scenes, and as you can see, it's hard to tell which one is animated and which is the original.

This animation using HASBRO figures was specially made to mark the film’s thirtieth anniversary of the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movement and expressions are spot on. Gurwood has painstakingly recreated one of my favorite action, adventure movies of all time.

Indyanimation from Jeff Gurwood

To see behind the scenes photos for Indyanimation or other films by Jeff Gurwood check out his Facebook page.

Special thanks to RJ Evans over at Kuriositas for bringing this to my attention.


Unknown said...

Anyone who loves adventure loved these movies. I really found them great.

Cruiselife & Co said...

@Kaleidoscope Acres

Right you are! Even better when Indiana gets animated.

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