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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Archaeology News: August 10, 2011

Ancient Arrowhead Discovered in East Iceland
An arrowhead, which is believed to be around 500 years old, was recently discovered during an archeological excavation project at Skriduklaustur, an old monastery site in Flj├│tsdalur valley, east Iceland.

Marco Polo 'never went to China and picked up tales of the Orient from other travellers
Marco Polo, one of history’s greatest explorers, may in fact have been a conman, it was claimed yesterday.Far from being a trader who spent years in China and the Far East, he probably never went further east than the Black Sea, according to a team of archaeologists.

Dominican archaeologist attracting glances of scientific community
The feat of Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez, which has circled the globe with her project “In search of Cleopatra's tomb,” continues attracting the attention of the world's scientific community. And that's the reason the scientist of Chinese ...

Nebraska Archaeological Survey continues project at Hugh Butler Lake
University of Nebraska State Museum's Nebraska Archaeological Survey is conducting further archaeological investigations at several prehistoric sites this summer at Hugh Butler Lake in Frontier County. (Media-Newswire.com) - University of Nebraska ...

Alexander the Great
In 1861, Cunningham was appointed as India's first archaeological surveyor by Lord Canning. Eventually, he became the first director general of a government department of archaeology, better known as the Archaeological Survey of India, ...

Lauren Lancaster's United Arab Emirates
Lancaster was supposed to go in search of shipwrecks—Bronze Age vessels off the coast of Dubai—as a student in the Nautical Archaeology masters program at Texas A. & M. Funding for that project was pulled after the September 11th attacks, ...

Excavations in Artsakh Shed Light on Ancient City of Dikranagerd
In the meantime, items that require special storage conditions are being kept at Yerevan State University's archaeology lab. The rest, totaling over 3000 items, are currently on exhibit at the Dikranagerd Museum. According to Petrosyan, between 300 and ...

Fiona Hyslop visit
The Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop visited whithorn on Tuesday to officially launch the Machars Archaeology Project at the Whithorn Story exhibition.

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Emma Springfield said...

I am amazed at the Marco Polo story. My son had read that He named China Serica which means land of silk. My son was interested because that is my daughter's name. They are finding so many archaeological treasures in Nebraska. I have visited some of the digs.

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