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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Archaeology News: July 20, 2011

Ancient Digger brings you the latest archaeology news and headlines everyday of the week! Today’s a big day for archaeology as you can see from the plethora of headlines. Grab a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, like I have next to me, and start reading.

Enjoy your day Ancient Diggers!

'Biomolecular Archaeology: An Introduction'

Biomolecular Archaeology is the first book to clearly guide students through the study of ancient DNA: how to analyze biomolecular evidence (DNA, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates) to address important archaeological questions.

Roman Toilets Were Quite Stinky, Large International Study Reveals

Yes, the Romans had toilets and sewage. No, they didn't match our idea of a clean bathroom in no way. Their toilets were stinking, disease spreading places, which gave rats and snakes an easy entrance to the house.

Archaeologists go treasure-hunting in Seattle's (very) old garbage

Archaeologists are toiling side by side with construction workers on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Highway 520 projects. They're collecting broken bottles, peach pits and peanut shells. But instead of litter sticks and garbage bags, they are wielding trowels and shovels, and paying $342,000 for a space to preserve the junk.

Ohio History Center To Get Patriotic Facelift

OHS serves to preserve and interpret Ohio's history, archaeology, natural history and historic places. Its collections hold more than 1.8 million artifacts. OHS is responsible for 58 historic sites in 40 Ohio counties. It is the largest statewide network of sites and museums in the nation. The Society is located at the intersection of I-71 and 17th Avenue in Columbus, OH.

Ancient Wasps Roosted in Rotting Dinosaur Eggs?

Wasps may have once roosted within rotting dinosaur eggs, an idea suggested by the discovery of exceptionally well-preserved fossils of insect cocoons.

Archaeologists show hi-tech vision of city’s historic past

Experts from construction firm Arcus and students from the Sheffield University produced the stunning image as part of an investigation into the make-up and significance of the 13th century Sheffield Castle. They drew on previous excavations and studies of contemporary castles during their research.

Historical charity site found in central China

Archaeologists have have begun excavations of ruins in central China that have provided evidence for the existence of an early 20th-century non-governmental charity organization.

Mesolithic 'rest stop' found at new Sainsbury's site

Archaeologists believe the remains of burned oak uncovered at the site of the first Sainsbury's in the Highlands to be evidence of an ancient "rest stop".

King’s Lynn Museum set for open day for British Festival of Archaeology

Visitors of the King’s Lynn Museum will find out about local archaeology and the museum's role in preserving the past. Members of the SHARP (Sedegford Historical and Archaeological Project) will be at the event with news of their latest finds.

Invasion of the Viking women unearthed

So much for Hagar the Horrible, with his stay-at-home wife, Helga. Viking women may have equaled men moving to England in medieval invasions, suggests a look at ancient burials.

Hawass Is Gone, Leaving Egyptian Antiquities in Crisis

The exit of Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s antiquities supremo, was as dramatic as most of his decade-long tenure. But he also leaves an empty stage at a time when the country’s archeologists and museums that stores its world-renowned treasures are badly in need of leadership.

The Bedouin

Students are a nigh-endless font of labour, but there just aren’t enough of us here to dig and haul away all the dirt at a reasonable pace. For that task, we have some of the local Bedouin in Jordan.

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Rick (Ratty) said...

The thing about the Roman toilets is actually one of the most interesting pieces here. Many places in rural areas right here in the US still had outhouses less than 40 years ago. It's amazing how technology in cleanliness advances society.

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