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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Archaeology News: July 12, 2011

5,000-year-old Copper Age Grave

Archaeologists investigating a 5,000-year-old Copper Age grave in the Czech Republic believe they may have unearthed the first known remains of a gay or transvestite caveman, reports the Telegraph.

A Day in the Life of Rachel English: Museum of London Archaeologist

Currently I’m employed as an archaeologist for Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). I’ve recently moved from excavations at Three Quays House beside the Tower of London to work at the Bart’s site. The excavations which are taking place here at Barts are very different from those at Three Quays. This is the nature of archaeological sites and one of the main reasons I enjoy my job so much! No one site or excavation is the same.

Collecting, Stumbling and Bumbling from a "Supporter" of Collectors

Is this treating collecting as "preserving" or "allowing the destruction" of that heritage? I am not at all sure (apart from greedy antiquity dealers) who would be arguing for the ongoing destruction of Iraq, Cambodia, Afghanistan and China at all - let alone because of what an earlier regime got up to there. Something has got lost in the translation.

Skeletons found in New Haven during construction

State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni said Monday the discovery appears to involve two skeletons that may have come from an abandoned cemetery associated with a church. He said a forensic exam would be done to try to identify the remains and then ...

Copper mining will crush ancient Afghan site

The ruins poke out of a monotonous stretch of scrub and beckon the world to visit Afghanistan as it was more than 1,400 years ago, when Buddhist monasteries dotted the landscape.

Israel's Dig Uncovers Biblical Philistines

Israeli archaeologists have discovered artifacts from the ancient Israelites most infamous biblical rivals - the Philistines. Diggers unearthed human remains and other relics of the ancient Philistines in the city of Gath.

Mexico unearths monolith of Aztec God

Archaeologists in Mexico made a dramatic discovery in the state of Morelos when they uncovered an 8th century monolith featuring an Aztec God weighing 60 tonnes.

The Archaeology of Religion

Whilst sensational stories tend to make the press - I'm thinking of one recent dubious tale about the nails from the Crucifixion being found, followed by scholars nailing the facts down as fantasy - the many archaeological discoveries that are of genuine interest in illuminating the Bible and those who follow its teachings, tend to get overlooked.

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I'm telling you now, if I weren't an old woman, I would become an archaeologist. This stuff is so interesting.

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