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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Archaeologists and Historians Examine Whether the West Is Still The Best

There are those who question some of the most basic values of the West and, in particular, its universality – the very idea that its legacy is for everyone. As capitalism seemingly wanes in the West, and the East is on the rise, is there anything in the legacy of the West we should preserve?

Clair Fox, the Director of the Institute of Ideas introduces the discussion and humorously remarks, which people assume since she believes in the Enlightenment, she’s old fashioned, and only supports the ideals of dead white men. Hardly the case if you know Clair Fox.

Ian Morris began the discussion with a musing of Heathrow airport and his hellish transatlantic flight experience. The airport appeared to be falling to pieces and  parts of the floor were being held together with duck tape. Considering Morris was on his way to a keynote panel on whether the west is still the best, he couldn’t fathom why the airport couldn’t afford a new rug.

Take some time to hear Ian Morris, Gaspar Miklos Tamas, Sabine Reul, and Tarun J. Tejpal state their views on the western world.


Ian Morris, author and professor of history and archaeology at Stanford University.
Sabine Reul, society and politics editor at NovoArgumente.
Gaspar Miklos Tamas, author and visiting professor at Central European University.
Tarun J. Tejpal, author and editor at Tehelka, former editor of India Today.


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