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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Story of Evolution: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Endless Forms Most Beautiful from andrew wright on Vimeo.

The dawn of civilization. The beginning. The evolution of man. All subjects which strike in the hearts of all who believe their stories are true. But what of a child? When a child tells us the story of evolution and beginning of man, do we attack with the same vigor as we would with a colleague or another adult, when they say something we don't believe?

No matter your view, this video takes a journey through history, science and the Galapagos exploring the process of evolution, all from the view of young children. I was deeply moved and quite surprised at the academic nature of this piece.

It's a perfect video to watch with your son or daughter and I urge you to do so. The narrators have an unbiased view on the subject matter, yet they explain both sides in a way that makes sense to individuals of all ages. Well done I say!

The video is narrated by Zoe and Sophie Wright, Music by Mary Gunderson (1149productions.com) and Images by Andy Wright (cold-coast.com) and Dr Hillis - University of Texas (biosci.utexas.edu/​ib/​faculty/​HILLIS.HTM)


Frank Barbour said...

While 'The Story of Evolution' as expressed in the above mentioned video is indeed quite compelling, so is the rapidly accumulating evidence for 'A God Of Creation'. Perhaps, you would examine An Accurate Prophetic Timeline - with annotated historical references - such as this one: "The America In Prophecy Timeline."

After all, "Turn-about is only fair play."

By the way, how many coincidences does it take to firmly establish a scientifically based correlation?
What I mean is: If 2+2=4 on day 1, and 2+2=4 on day 2, and 2+2=4 on day 3, etc... how long does it take The Inteliigent Scientist to realize that 2 plus 2 just equals 4 - ad infinitum....

If you actually examine that timeline, I do believe that you'll understand.

Cruiselife & Co said...

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your opinion and I can certainly appreciate your opinion.

The problem is, too many people have no idea what "evolution" really is. Automatically people want to argue creation, and evolution can pertain to more than just human evolution.

Frank: You need to watch the entire video, because if you did watch this, you would see this is not a creation or evolution debate, but rather the natural processes of the earth and how those processes affected species.
This video primarily deals with the evolution of the earth which if you date certain strata in the Grand Canyon, layers date to close to 3 billion years ago.

Not to mention Darwin's finches in "Theory of Evolution". There is not any text in this book stating that evolution occurred from people to monkeys.

Any intelligent person, including Darwin, would never ascertain that monkeys, which don't even belong to the same genus as ourselves, turned into humans.

Evolution is a scientific fact pertaining to how one evolves; how we grow; how certain species adapt to different environments; how we change over time. It has nothing to do with God, but how the actual being adapts to their environment.

If people would actually research what evolution actually is and read Darwin's book instead of what their third grade teachers tell them, then maybe they would understand the process.

People can believe in both Creation and Evolution. One is based on faith and one is just obviously evident from observation.

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