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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stone Circles of Avebury

Like Stonehenge, the Stone Circles of Avebury archaeological site have retained a somewhat mysterious reputation. In fact, up until the 19th century, people would circle the monument, or dance around the maypole as it was called, in one of the circles, possibly as a fertility ritual. There are several other ritual sites nearby, as the landscape of Avebury, is steeped in ritual context.

During the 1930’s Alexander Keiller investigated the Avebury Stone Circles and even raised some of the fallen megalithic stones. Although some of the famous stones were missing, Keiller replaced them with concrete blocks, resurrecting an archaeological site and bringing it back to life.

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John said...

This is one site you really have to see on Google Maps to fully appreciate. It's huge!

John said...

Slightly off topic, but I was just searching the area close to Avebury on Google Maps and I spotted three crop circles. :-)

Cruiselife & Co said...


Crop circles, really? I was just getting used to the fact I knew very little about this site. Wow, now I'm intrigued.

Becks said...

Very nice!!!

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