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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dolmens at Shankarpur discovered by Archaeologists

PUNE April 10, 2011: Archaeologists of the Deccan college post-graduate and research institute have found four dolmens of the Megalithic Age (Third century B C) or the Iron Age at the Shankarpur village near Chandrapur, about 150 km from Nagpur. The discovery holds importance as such burial methods are rare in the state and also because one of the dolmens is being claimed to be the largest in the state and India.

Dolmen is an ancient stone structure consisting of a large flat stone on top of two or more upright ones, built above the place where humans were buried. These were usually erected in the memory of the dead.

In India, such structures are mainly found in the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala.

Kanti Pawar led the excavation for Deccan College. He was assisted by students Kim Yong Jun, Akash Srinivas and Pankaj Kahalekar.

Edited from the Times of India: Dolmens at Shankarpur discovered by Archaeologists

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kanti said...

Hello to all those who are interested in archaeological research. i am kanti pawar, excavator of these megalithic dolmen. these are the largest one in India. if someone are interested for research please contact me.


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