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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Archaeology Dig At Brisbane's City Hall Reveals Pioneering Treasure

Archaeologist Phillip Habgood explains his surprise, when excavating below the city hall in Brisbane, turned up some 19th century treasure. Evidence of horse stables and a street have been excavated at the archaeology site that date to the 1850's. The findings are being deemed the most significant archaeological find in the city's history.

At the present time, the city hall in Brisbane is undergoing restoration work so archaeologists were brought in as part of the $215 million refurbishment. Students from University of Queensland are assisting archaeologists with the excavation and have "uncovered an intact drain, building roofs, old horse shoes and bottles".

Archaeologist Phil Habgood said details of the city's past spanning as much as 80 years, up until City Hall was built in 1930, could lie underneath the historic building."We've got evidence of corrugated iron buildings [underneath City Hall]," he said."The buildings were made from porphyry [stone] then they added concrete and bitumen throughout the area. We think there's probably a large 1850-60s stone drain.

The Brisbane Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, calls it "a sensational find".


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