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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saddleworth's Archaeology Collection on Display

The historical collection of a WWI officer from Saddleworth has gone on display, showing how ordinary people helped progress modern archaeology.

'The Story of Francis Buckley' at Gallery Oldham gathers together many of its titular archaeologist's treasures.

Born in 1881, the former barrister became an expert on subjects such as English glass and Stone Age flints.
Senior curator Dinah Winch said Francis "amassed the most amazing collection" in his lifetime.

Amateur enthusiasts like Mr Buckley have a prime place in the history of archaeological study.
The modern version of the science didn't come into being until the start of the 19th century and professional practitioners were not common place until over a century later.

Read the entire article:   Saddleworth 'Amazing Collection' on Display

 Edited from BBC


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