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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Odd Radioactive Readings At Bosnian Pyramids in the Ravne Tunnels

As innocent as the Bosnian Pyramids appear, something odd has appeared in radioactive readings. During the summer of 2010, more than 500 volunteers and 45 archaeologists from 30 countries embarked on one of the world's most impressive archaeological projects.

 The footage in this video takes you deep into the Ravne Tunnels. Some of the tunnels themselves are bizarre to say the least. Barely big enough for a child to slip through the hole. Who were the people taking refuge done here? How and what did they use to navigate this labyrinth of tunnels?

At the same moment I started writing this paragraph my pointer started to move on its own. It moved to the top of the pyramid situated in the picture to the left. Is this a sign that some intelligent energy has a message? How strange!

There was barely an utterance of words throughout the video, although when the navigator stopped and lingered at certain locations, your mind will go over what exactly they were sensing. Could it be a symbol in the rocks? What is the camera pointed at and why?

It took months to come to a breakthrough in the investigation and it was finally reached in November. The Pandora's Box was about to be opened and the hair on my arms started to stand on end. A cloud of smoke came out of the darkness, an apparition, an intelligent vortex energy. Could this really be real?

SB identities appear and disappear and they move intelligently through the air. The image in this video is said to be an intelligent vortex energy. I'm officially stunned and bit scared to go to bed.

Watch it yourself. The imagery leading up to the actual event is like a scene from the Mummy.

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