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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back From the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg Tennessee: Day 1

If you haven't noticed, ok I'm sure you have, the posts died down a bit. I didn't want to leave you with a post that stated I wouldn't be posting this week due to the fact I'd be the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg Tennessee freezing my tail off. Yes, this Florida girl bundled up in three layers to brave the harsh weather of the mountains.

To be truthful, I miss it now that I'm gone. We were at an elevation of 1992 feet overlooking some of the most spectacular mountains and cabins I've ever seen. I needed a view after the time we had actually getting there. You know the saying "Everything that could go wrong did go wrong"? It was worse than that!!!!

Kelly and I purchased a Garmin GPS at Target before we left so I was thinking, we can't get lost that bad. For this price this thing has got to work!! So, we didn't get lost, but the smug lady on the GPS took us down some back-roads I didn't want to go down in the snow. I even programmed the GPS to not go off roading. She must have been ticked at me for some reason because we got stuck in a neighborhood, after sliding backwards on a hill "in our Dodge RAM mind you" (trading it in as we speak lol).

Kelly being  Kelly got out in his socks and sandals (yes, I said sandals) and bit it on the drive, hitting his head and back. I told him to lose the sandals, but no, men are just too proud and too stinkin stubborn. Ok, not of all you, but Kelly was the entire trip.

By the time we got to the neighborhood we were supposed to be in, the roads were covered with sleet and snow. I haven't driven in this stuff in years so I was super apprehensive. We followed the directions to the cabin and of course got lost at about 1500 feet. We were sitting at the bottom of this road, Deerfoot I think, and Kelly got out of truck again to walk to the top to see if this was our cabin. By this time I'm thinking he has changed his shoes and was prepared to trek up the hill.

Here we go again! The sandals may have gotten him to the top of the mountain where our cabin  wasn't located, but they slipped on the ice and down goes the stubborn man on the hard drive. Again! This time he lost his wallet in the snow and almost started to cry (He's going to kill me if he finds out I'm telling you this). He was in Army though. Aren't you guys supposed to be tougher than this?

By the time he slide down the drive on his butt, I was in the driver's seat. I took that big RAM truck and barrelled up 500 feet to our cabin, sliding and fishtailing every which way with the radio blasting Usher's new song "Dance, dance like it's the last last night of your life". That's not the title, but I got up the mountain dancing in my car and sliding the whole way. I almost yelled Ya Hoo!

As I got out of the truck and made my way to the front door, I could smell the cedar on the cabin. I unlocked the door and looked straight out our wrap around glass windows to see, wow, an entire panorama of peaks. This is the closest to the heavens as you can get!

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