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Friday, November 5, 2010

Roman Hairstyle Archaeology

That's right ladies and gentlemen, there's archaeology for every topic you can think of. I was only looking for some sort of new archaeology footage when I stumbled upon this fascinating video about Roman hairstyles. Now gentlemen, I know this may not be a topic of interest to you, but I know many of you adore and love long hair. I know my fiance does. This may be video to pass on to your wife, girlfriend, or fiance, just in case they want to drink in the feminine hairstyles of Roman woman.

This particular style featured in the video is based upon Julia Domna from 192 CE. Empress Julia Domna was the wife of Septimius Severus, Roman Emperor from 193 to 211. Domna is highly recognizable by her hair which was long and curly and very dense. This combination made for a very large Chignon, or a large mass of hair standing out from the head, interwoven in luxurious patterns. Are you intrigued yet?

I'm off to try it myself, as my hair almost touches my hips. Wish me luck!

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