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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ancient Digger on Location in the Atlantic

On occasion, I do step out of the office and onto a luxurious yacht owned by a friend of my fiance. It wasn't a research trip, more a relaxing opportunity for me to bond with the sea life in open water.

I took a bit of footage and photographs and compiled them into this video with music composed by my dear friend and composer Mary Gunderson. The music is called Elisha's Destiny, Mary's newest composition.

If you haven't noticed already, Mary's been a veteran on Ancient Digger for quite a while. I was one of the first to receive Mary and Shaun's CD "Infinite Garden" which I listen to almost everyday while I'm writing.

Infinite Garden” is a provocative and rousing rendition of musical brilliance. Your soul travels across oceans and to distant lands all while you take in the enchantment of the melodies. The combination of gifted musicians and perfectly formed melodic sounds make Infinite Garden a revolutionary piece of artistry.Yes, I did say that!

This is not a review, but a heartfelt thankyou to Mary Gunderson and Shaun Poore for providing me many relaxing moments while I work tirelessly towards my degree.

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