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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wilczy Szaniec: Hitler's War Time Headquarters

The ruins of the Wolf's Lair (Wilczy Szaniec), are all that remain of Adolf Hitler's WWII headquarters near Ketrzn in the Mazurian region of Poland, now a museum.

The Wolf's Lair consisted of a complex of buildings and a nearby airfield situated on 67 acres of woodland. There are seven massive concrete bunkers measuring in some areas 26 feet high. Although hidden in the woods, Hitler still believed it wasn't enough. As history shows, he was extremely suspicious of anyone around him, and he had right to be. He urged his followers to safeguard the site even more by way of artificial greenery suspended on wires and protected by rings of barbed wire and a minefield.

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bail bond laws said...

Hi i think the first published installment of his two-part biography of Adolf Hitler (the prequel The War Path was published in 1978), had originally been published in German as Hitler und seine Feldherren (Hitler and his Generals :)

Anonymous said...

My wife will be interested in this; she comes from Poland.

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