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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top Archaeology School: Arizona State University

If you searching for schools that focus on anthropology or archaeology, in most cases, the BS degree you will receive will be in anthropology. I'm not satisfied with that, especially considering I prefer archaeology over anthropology. However, it seems that Arizona State University is breaking the mold.

Arizona State University offers an anthropological archaeology program that is attracting wide spread attention. They were recently ranked fifth in the nation for archaeology by the Society for American Archaeology.

I assume you're wondering what the difference is? Well, the graduates from ASU have not only been presented a program that's a bit more diverse than most universities, but their graduates are amongst the best in the field.

Graduates have chosen topics pertaining to origins of modern humans; the ecology and beginnings of farming; the development of institutionalized social inequality; the rise and fall of urban states and empires; and the long-term reciprocal impacts between people and their environment.

Consequently, they are also looking at archaeology from a social theory standpoint, which for me personally, I can understand considering many of my professors have degrees in another social science.The disciplines at ASU are much more broad and the ideas are powerful.

I'm not affiliated with ASU in anyway, but I have noticed that there is a great need for research into the many schools that offer archaeology and anthropology programs.

Are you a student at ASU? If you are, tell us about your experiences.

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Richard Wing said...

Sounds like Arizona State University is heading in the right direction for would-be students and others already with degrees in that field of study and research. Good to know, as the university may influence other administrators from colleges/universities to follow.

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