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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roskilde Cathedral

denmark - roskilde - domkirke (cathedral), sarcophagus of margareth the I

by © klylu

Roskilde Cathedral is most famous for housing the Danish royal family. There are over 39 sepulchres, intricately carved, placed throughout the cathedral containing centuries of Danish kings and queens. There have never been funerary services hosted at the site, however the royalty have been safely placed throughout in a meticulously maintained and still operational local parish church.

Interior of Roskilde Cathedral 2

by © rcribb1

The site boasts several varying forms of art and architecture and it's most certainly a must see for travelers. In fact, Roskilde Cathedral is said to be the first Gothic-brick built- cathedral in northern Europe.

The construction itself was quite fascinating, in that, 3 million bricks were used to construct it The catherdral is two stories, there are two towers, a gallery behind the chancel, and a substantial transept. Roskilde was complete in 1280, however several additions have been made including chapels and walls adorned with reliefs and frescoes.

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RS Wing said...

Being completed in 1280 with other additions, the travel back into time is quite amazing considering it was built with bricks. They must have some skillful artisons to maintain such a fascinating architectural masterpiece. Great slice of history.

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