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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Castelveccio and Ponte Scaligero

Oh Romeo, Romeo. Verona, the famous city of Romeo and Juliet, is also home to one of the most romantic features in Italy. The Castelvecchio was originally known as St. Martins in the Middle Ages when it was attached to a church, however the name changed during the 14th century when a new manor was constructed.

Castelvecchio is located along the Adige River and was built by Cangrande II Della Scala in 1354. The fortress itself was home to the Scalinger Dynasty, which ruled Verona until 1387.

There are several aspects of the Castelvecchio that make it unique. The architecture was well planned, keeping in mind the military aspects and massive towers that surround the grounds. Similar to the castle, the bridge is made of red brick and white marble, and fortified with walls and towers. If ever the family was attacked at Castelvecchio, they could retreat swiftly across the Ponte Scaligero.

Castelvecchio Museum


During the early 15th century, Verona fell under Venetian control, therefore the castle became a military base. Over the years, and up until the 18th century, it was the seat of the Military Academy of the Venetian Republic.

In 1923, the Castelvecchio was converted into a museum and in1954 Carlo Scapo transformed the museum into a masterpiece featuring famous works from the early Christian era to the 18th century.

Today, Castelvecchio remains one of the most brilliant medieval structures in Verona and one the most fascinating museums in Italy.


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