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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ancient Wall in Jerusalem Discovered: Built By King Solomon

A team of archaeologists led by Dr. Eilat Mazar from the Hebrew University, discovered an ancient wall that they believe was built by King Solomon. The reasoning was that the engineering it took to construct the wall, as well as the condition, gives people in Jerusalem much hope that it could, in fact, be authentic.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear of these discoveries in Jerusalem is if they are real or fakes? Over the years, several of the displays found with ancient inscriptions hinting their connection with Solomon's temple have almost all been deemed fakes. I'll let all of you be the judges. Leave me a comment about your thoughts and interpretations.


Chris Stonecipher said...

This looks real to me! It is fascinating. Thanks for sharing this video.

RS Wing said...

So much "old" history has already been re-written due to the inaccurate data at the time. This is a very signifigant find and will no doubt raise controversy but accurate information. Very interesting article.

sandy said...

Very interesting post, hadn't seen this in the news.

Hope you'll swing by and get in on my contest.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that politicians in Israel don't take this discovery out of context and start flinging about claims that this supposedly gives more evidence for the situation between them and the Palestinians.

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