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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stone Age Discovery: Were our Ancestors Skilled Surgeons?

For those of you Pre-history buffs on the Ancient Digger, this was an interesting and bizarre find. The evidence of an elderly man with a perfectly amputated arm was found at a tomb in Buthiers-Boulancourt, about 40 miles south of Paris. The tomb was dated 7000 years ago when early Neolithic surgeons were performing precise operations, more advanced that anything we had ever seen before.

The findings ultimately "suggests an incredible degree of medical knowledge was available in 4900BC and the revelation could force a reassessment of the history of surgery".

Read the entire story about the discovery of this 7000 year old surgery on Daily Mail


Pastor Larry said...

There is some evidence that they did brain surgery too. Some of them healed over.

Ben said...

nice post, thanks, look forward to studying more about it...

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