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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Section of Isis Temple Found Dating Back to Cleopatra

The most recent and interesting news on Discovery is this pylon of the Isis Temple, a palace complex of Cleopatra. The piece was found in the waters of the Mediterranean on Thursday by archaeologists.

The pylon was part of a sprawling palace from which the Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt and where 1st Century B.C. Queen Cleopatra wooed the Roman general Marc Antony before they both committed suicide after their defeat by Augustus Caesar.

The temple dedicated to Isis, a pharaonic goddess of fertility and magic, is at least 2,050 years old, but archaeologists believe it's likely much older. The pylon was cut from a single slab of red granite quarried in Aswan, some 700 miles (more than 1,100 kilometers) to the south, officials said.

Read the entire story and see a photograph of the pylon dating back to Cleopatra on Discovery News

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