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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raptorex: T-Rex Ancestor Weighed As Much As A Man

A 9-foot dinosaur excavated illegally from northeastern China and purchased by a private collector who brought it to the attention of paleontologists (hey, they'll return it after they're done) is about the same weight as a grown human yet had still evolved all the hallmark anatomical features of Tyrannosaurus rex - except 30 million years earlier, according to a study in Science.

Raptorex displays the hallmarks of its famous descendant, Tyrannosaurus rex, like an oversized head, tiny arms and feet well-suited for running. The Raptorex brain cast also shows enlarged olfactory bulbs, like T. rex, indicating a highly developed sense of smell.

Read more about the T-Rex at Scientific Blogging

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Kyle Crawford said...

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rhett said...

I think they would have been fun to hunt, hopefully not ending like the hunter in Jurassic Park.
Rhett out

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