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Saturday, August 15, 2009

HMS Ocelot, Chatham Dockyard, UK

Many years ago, I spent some time with my sister at one of the local museums, glancing into the past of Nazi Germany by way of a Submarine. They are intimidating and massive, yet they maintain a sense of agility and flow through the water like gliding fish.

This was the case of the HMS Ocelot, located in Chathem Dockyard, United Kingdom. This massive structure has had a world-wind of historical experience.

She was launched on May 5, 1962 and commissioned for service on January 31, 1964. The HMS Ocelot was the very last diesel-electric sub built for the Royal Navy at Chatham Dockyard. Read more about the HMS Ocelot

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sandy said...

Very interesting, great picture too. Trying to remember where I was when we got to board a sub...dang will have to ask hubby, he might remember. It was pretty impressive about how small it was, and how crampt it must have been for the submariners, explains why height and weight were an issue. Up para-scope.


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