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Monday, August 3, 2009

Car Service NYC

Last month, my sister and her friends from college took a fantastic trip to New York City, one of my favorite cities on earth. This was only the second time Kim had ever been to the Big Apple and she told me she was a bit nervous about getting around town since it had been close 10 years since she visited NYC.

I told her that when I went last, I used Car Service NYC to get around to the attractions and pick me up at the airport. Well, I figured this would be perfect for her and her friends considering there was 12 of them on vacation together. I know how cramped and expensive it is to ride around town in a taxi, so I told her this would be the best way for them to stay comfortable and to save some money. Who can pass up a car ride from the airport for only $13.00 when it can cost you $40.00 with a taxi.

On the same note, my older sister that lives in Minnesota uses this service as well when she travels to NYC. It a huge hassle for her to rent a car with her 6 year old and 6'4 husband, so having the option to rent an SUV at such a competitive price is perfect.

I use this option every time I travel now. I feel safe and sound and I always save money, which can be used at the local museums and attraction. I mean this is the reason why I go to New York. To experience the sites, not empty my wallet.

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