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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Course Hero: A Virtual Vault of Educational Materials

Resources for students are readily available for course studies, research papers, and notes from lectures. I was on the lookout for a site that made these items available for future classes. In addition, I wanted to hear from the students themselves about how the courses were outlined by the professors and what were the key points I needed to focus on.

I stumbled up Course Hero, a well organized and helpful site that had every resource I needed for my upcoming classes. There were ESM 206 UCSB Lecture Note's, amongst some other courses I was researching.

Also, I when I was looking for some additional materials for a friend that was attending the University of California, taking the same class, I found these notes UCSB ESM 206 University of California Santa Barbara very helpful.

"Course Hero has millions of student submitted documents similar to the one below including study guides, homework solutions, papers, and exam answer keys. Visit our document archives to see a sample list of documents available on Coursehero"

If you are a student looking to connect with other students, or you're just looking for some simple course outlines, this is the site to check out.


Pastor Larry said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Pastor's Desk my other blog is for archaeology
stop by there as I am working thought my pictures of Israel. I will start on my Petra dig next.

Sam said...

Great article I came across, I'm a student who has been using Course Hero and find it a useful supplement to my own notes.

I think sites such as Course Hero, gives students the ability to collaborate amongst thousands of other students that can help improve a student’s performance. If the goal is truly for students to learn and perform well, collaboration between students can enhance learning. There are many students who want to know how to study effectively, where to concentrate their focus, or how to meet the expectations of a particular professor in a particular course. When used for these purposes, I would say websites like these can help students collaborate and improve.

Koofers said...

Koofers has over 500,000 college students, 275,000+ testbank files, 700,000+ flashcards, and over 400,000 professor ratings. Free too!

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