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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Mysterious Sailing Stones

One of the most famous landmarks in Southwestern United States is Death Valley. This vast desert is also the home to one of the greatest mysteries of the ages.

In an area known as the "Racetrack playa" in Death Valley near the western border of Arizona, there are an amazingly large number of stones, ranging in size from mere pebbles to half ton boulders that regularly travel by themselves and no one has ever been to explain why!

These huge stones move of their own volition, leaving miles of zig-zagged, curved and straight tracks that have continued to baffle the scientific community for decades. As you can see by the photos, the hardened surface of the landscape is marbled with the trails of water rivulets that would prohibits concealing outside interference. So the big question is, just how DO these mysterious stones move?

The Mysterious Sailing Stones

Written by Bren Parks

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Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting, I can see how their explanation about the tides freezing and melting drag the smaller stones but what about the half ton boulders, that ain't going to work.

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