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Friday, March 13, 2009

Egyptian Art and Greek Mosaics

This essay explores the differences and similarities between Greco-Roman Byzantine art, and ancient Egyptian paintings, in both their subject matter and rendering. Ancient Egyptian art had a very original look to it. If you see Egyptian art, you're going to know what it is. People are shown completely from the side, with the eye full-on towards the viewer. People were also very dis-proportioned, on purpose, depending on what their social status was. A good example of this is in a painting of workers bringing gold and gifts to a Pharaohs' resting place, where all of the workers are much, much smaller than the Pharaoh. Religion was very important to Egyptians, who practice polytheism, meaning they worshiped many gods. Anubis, the God of embalming, Osiris, the God of death, Ra, the God of the sun, Geb, the God of the Earth, and other well-known Gods appeared heavily in works of art.

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Contributed by Johny Jr


Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting and interesting link article. It talks of Icons, my wife teaches a class in making icons, and how to use gold leave for items such as the halos.

Anonymous said...

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Egyptian Artifacts

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